About Us
Braintree's First Original Trattoria

Marias Trattoria is an Italian restaurant in Braintree, MA with a Northern Italian trattoria style, our pasta is homemade and handmade. Marias clings to the “old” traditions that will never change but always giving it our modern twist for an Italian touch without going out of style…

In Italian, “trattore” is the word for an innkeeper or restaurant owner. That word derives from the Old French verb traitier, which means “to treat” and is related to the Latin tractare, meaning “to drag about, handle, or deal with.” “Trattoria,” which first appeared in English in 1832, is one of several words that have entered our language to refer to a kind of specialized eatery – in this case, one that specializes in Italian cuisine and handmade pasta

We go above and beyond to exceed your expectations

Italian Cuisine

Unique dishes with the most qualitative ingredients selected

handmade pasta

Handmade pasta is an expression of love. A dish that brings people together

Best In Class Service

The ability to make guests feel welcomed and well-treated.

Cozy and welcoming

A place where you can escape and savor good food and good company in a comfortable atmosphere

Delicious dishes, delightful moments